What you Need to Know About Bamboo Bathroom Cabinets

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Bamboo Bathroom cabinets are available in various sizes and shapes. The bathroom bamboo cabinets are waterproof and suitable for the wet areas. The cabinets are beautiful and easy to clean. Solid bamboo panel cabinets are the most suitable for the bathrooms. Although they are expensive, they are waterproof. Also, bamboo is a non-toxic material that is suitably used in making bathroom furniture. The bamboo cabinets are not only functional, but they are elegant too. The cabinets are mostly spacious and can be used to store many bathrooms’ items.

Bamboo is being used even in making bathroom furniture. Many users consider it to be better than hardwood. Bamboo has taken the place of oak and other woods. Notably, bamboo is harder than those traditional hardwoods.

Bamboo is renewable building material harvested from a certain type of a grass. The grass grows very fast hence making it renewable and sustainable. Bamboo has many uses in-house furnishing and decoration.

Bamboo is used as normal wood in making cabinets. The bamboo grass, owing to its popularity, it’s being grown in plantations. Within three to five years the grass is always ready for harvesting. After harvesting, the grass sprouts again. The sprouts mature in three years; hence bamboo can be harvested every three years making sustainable. On the other hand, a traditional hardwood tree takes up to around 100 years to mature. Once harvested, you have to plant a new tree and wait again for so many years. this simply means hardwood harvesting is not sustainable.

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Types of Bamboo Products.

Bamboo is processed to make Laminated Bamboo or Strand-Woven Bamboo. Both are used as the material for making cabinets. Laminated bamboo refers to long slats which are produced through the cutting of bamboo stem into thin long slats. The slats are processed into planks or sheets under a lot of pressure and heat. The final slats resemble the real traditional plywood sheets or planks with visible laminate layers. The cabinets produced using these sheets resemble real bamboo stalks.

Strand-woven bamboo is manufactured by crushing bamboo into pulp. The pulp is shaped and compressed to form planks for flooring or sheets used for the cabinets. Strand-woven bamboo looks like wood lumber.

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With time bamboo is going to be dominant in making cabinets completely replacing traditional materials. Strand-woven bamboo is harder as compared to laminate bamboo making it a bit more expensive. Those keen on the budget prefer cabinets made of laminated bamboo which are cheap. However, many prefer cabinets made of the solid bamboo sheets. Bathroom cabinets are mainly made using bamboo panels.

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