Secrets to having the best Art Deco bathroom vanity affair!

Bathroom cabinetry is more than just part of the bathroom vanity, it’s an expression of your artistic style. Concealing the plumbing and creating the necessary storage units in your bathroom with a touch of elegance and fashion is nothing short of art. Art deco reflects this perfectly through the use of outstanding materials and skilled craftsmanship. The boldness of the design can be based on modern styles, traditional styles or even a combination of both the artistic styles.

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Styling the art deco Bathroom Vanity

When selecting the right art decoration, it is important to put into consideration the fact that the vanity is the centrepiece in any bathroom. These vanities differ in shapes, design and sizes. They often are of different styles including:

  • traditional
  • minimalist
  • modern
  • country amongst others.

They serve different purposes and setting the art décor for the bathroom vanity could depend on the style and purpose. The design of the art deco bathroom vanity can be based on the theme of the house, depending on what you desire. The materials used are also a very important factor in this process.

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Selecting the art deco Bathroom Vanity

The selection of the art deco bathroom vanity is based on the following:

  1. First and most important aspect, the size of your bathroom. This will help plan the right proportions of the bathroom vanity to the size of the room.
  2. The amount of storage space is important. The more storage created in the art deco bathroom vanity, the better. This includes space for medication, cosmetics, toiletries, hairdryers and cleaning products.
  3. The number of drawers or shelves you require for the bathroom vanity.
  4. The number of sinks. This is especially important for people who prefer to use the bathroom without the distraction of sharing the sink. This may also save time during preparation, especially in the mornings.
  5. The art décor of the bathroom vanity should reflect the style of the house. Once you have selected a particular style for the house, for instance; a modern house design is best suited to have a modern art deco bathroom vanity, so the design is maintained throughout the house.
  6. The amount of maintenance that will be required is also important in selecting the art deco bathroom vanity. It will need to be cleaned appropriately and maintained to ensure it lasts longer and does not get damaged.

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Tip: You also want to keep a fresh pair of towels for easy access when needed.

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The art deco bathroom vanity is an important part of the house and adds class and character while also enhancing the functionality based on your needs. The above considerations are vital to successfully design an art deco bathroom vanity that best expresses your style.

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