Art Deco Bathroom Lighting – Reviving Style and Authenticity

Art Deco Bathroom Lighting photo - 11In the era of futuristic designs, where all is shining, pompous, and snobbish, returning to the styles of home design from a century ago is something unusual. However, if you want to keep it more simple, and render your house a more sober, grounded, and authentic look, you can choose Art Deco style. Trying a new Art Deco Bathroom lighting will improve the visual appeal of your home and provide a sense of harmony and elegance that has no match.


The unique style broke through during the gloomy period between the two world wars. Art Deco was firstly presented at the 1925 Paris Exposition, where a myriad of new modernist designs were introduced to the world. The style breeds from Cubist and Bauhaus arts that focus on perfect geometry, and discipline of the machine era. Art Deco boasts clear outlines and compact forms that bring in a sense of sobriety, relevance, and character that was highly appreciated, and widely adopted in the USA, in 1930, as a redefinition of courage and confidence, and an escape from societal depression.

Art Deco Bathroom Lighting

The groundbreaking style came with a list of variations that drove new ideas in home improvement and revolutionized the overall impact of lighting, as a leading feature of beauty, prestige, and style.

The simplest and the most widely used variation was fixtures centrally mounted on the ceilling that provided an all-hugging light, reaching for each corner of the room. The lamps were made of clear glass or glass milk and boasted rounded shapes, with eye-catching decorative ribs, as a statement of contrast and optimism.

Another lighting option was simple globes that were attached on the ceilling over the bathtub to provide it with a focused, shade-free source of light. These lights ceiling globes were perfectly rounded, adhering strictly to pragmatic geometric calculations. Still, the solemn discipline was spiced up with eye-catching and bold bases that were ornated with creative patterns, which also followed the rules of exact symmetry.

A more modernized variation of Art Deco style was mirror sidelights. The idea appeared as a need, in order to cast out the shadows when shaving or putting on make-up in front of the mirror. As a result, it came as two wall lights mounted on each side of the mirror. Geometry details were still kept, but not at such extent. The streamlined tube style was more preferred, which implied fluid forms and dynamic lines that imitated an inspiring vector of movement, hinting at the rapid economic development. The fixtures were made of polished aluminium and chrome.

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