Bathroom decoration: antique brass bathroom fixtures

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We could say that bedrooms are the preference room when talking about people´s house but some people believe that the real sanctuary is in the bathroom. Certainly, the “private room” is not only used to satisfy our basic necessities but also it is considered as a place to think the aspects of life and have a soft break from the world; nothing compares to a warm and relaxing bath for those days that are completely stressful. For these reasons, decoration should be taken as an important element to take into consideration since the environment has a strong influence in our mood and with an excellent mood, our day can be more efficient and productive. Small details like color, textures, fixtures, and position would bring the right balance to this sacred area of the house.


What is trending today is the use of antique brass bathroom fixtures to create an elegant and soft environment. The colors combined with fixtures of this kind can be soft and cool tones that create a great contrast. Gray, black and white is the main preference at the moment to think in the walls since these ones help to highlight the antique brass fixtures. The idea is not to saturate the place with only one color since this would create a bland and poor balance for the eye so the right color quantity must be considered. In the case of fixtures like the faucet might look insignificant in first place but when you combine an antique brass center set with a smooth black, the result should be unbeatable to the eye.

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The sink is one of the first fixtures visitors would see in order to judge a good bathroom so the importance of it falls on the look it has and the functionality of it. Faucets can come in different sizes and models that suit people´s preferences and style. Other fixtures like mirrors, furniture, and lamps should have the same vibe in order to get a perfect balance in color. If you are more of a traditional person but with no clear vision of your ideal bathroom, the recommendation is to go for using antique brass bathroom fixtures; they promise to make your bathroom look impeccable, well structured and elegant.

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Try to change the sanctuary of your house and consider a full makeover of your bathroom. You can have fun while you are on it and also discover great combinations that suit your personality. Start with something simple, look first for the colors you would like to use and then fetch the fixtures that will add the result you are looking for. Take the risk and go for new looks for the home.

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